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Submit any sighting of an animal, plant or fungus – with or without a photo – to put your dot on our species distribution maps. All records are passed on to local and national recording schemes.  All wildlife records are valuable, common or rare, and whether from your garden, local park or a nature reserve. Help To Record

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Phyllonorycter geniculella

Adrian Russell
Polly Botts Lane, Ulverscroft - 26 October 2013

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A new introductory guide to the amphibians and reptiles of Leicestershire and Rutland has just been produced, including a list of all the species found in the two counties. Available on our Amphibian/Reptile resources page.

The planning application to build 99 houses on the threatened Woodgate site near Burbage has been rejected, with one of the reasons given that it would result in the loss of ecological habitats. However an appeal by the developers is expected... More...

Find out about the latest insect news in the county by reading the 50th newsletter of the Leicestershire Entomological Society which has just been published (January). Back copies plus all the LES publications can be found on the LES page.

How much do you know about the 37 species of fish recorded in our counties? Now you can find out more by reading the new Fish Pack just published by Andrew Heaton, County Recorder for fish. Introductory Pack: Fish of Leicestershire and Rutland.

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Danish Scurvygrass
Cochlearia danica

This small, white crucifer is a coastal species now found along the salty edges of our roads.


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