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Submit any sighting of an animal, plant or fungus – with or without a photo – to put your dot on our species distribution maps. All records are passed on to local and national recording schemes.  All wildlife records are valuable, common or rare, and whether from your garden, local park or a nature reserve. Help To Record

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Road verges are a vital refuge for wildflowers driven out of farmland. In turn, wildflowers support birds, bees and other wildlife. Wild plant conservation charity Plantlife wants to see road verges managed better while remaining safe for motorists. Not only can this be done – it could save money for local councils too. Sign the petition now

Early Purple Orchid Plain Gold

There are certain points in the year that mark turning points - the first Swallow of summer for example. The first orchid of the year is also memorable. more 

We know that people all over the UK use NatureSpot to identify plants and animals that they have seen, which is great. You're probably aware that NatureSpot is a citizen science charity which collects wildlife records from Leicestershire and Rutland, but what happens next  - what do we do with all that information?

Buglife, the invertebrate conservation organization, has launched a new survey during National Invasive Species Week looking at the origins and potential hazards of imported bedding plants - PotWatch

Norellia spinipesEagle-eyed NatureSpotters tracked down the elusive Daffodil Fly (Norellia spinipes) but we could do with more records from other parts of the county. Now all we have to find the rest of the target species on our list! 

Beechmast Candlesnuff (Xylaria carpophilais easy to overlook. The fruiting body consists of 1 mm thick black threads with white spore bearing tips. It's fairly common, but it only grows on decaying beechmast. A month ago we had no records of this species on NatureSpot, but logic dictated it must be present in VC55, so we put out a call. And now we have nine records from five different recorders in less than a month! And then we thought - why stop there? So we need your help

All verified records submitted to NatureSpot go into the national iRecord database. This fascinating video shows where and when the 365,000 observations to iRecord were made during the year 2016.



As we prepare for the clocks to go forward, we say farewell to our winter visitors. It's been a great winter for birding in VC55 (Leicestershire & Rutland). 
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Slender Speedwell (Veronica filiformis)

Look out for rounded leaves and long, slender flower stalks.

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