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Comments on website Nature Spot

Great site...very useful for developing knowledge and obtaining advice on identification. 


Email responses from the team can be a little curt...but I suppose that you can be overwhelmed with material at certain times of the year. I wonder however, if newcomers to the site and beginners at identification might be rather sensitive and put off by replies that are not carefully and sensitively worded.


It would be useful to have more information on the criteria for including some species. For example  trees and bushes even in the countryside are often planted and cultivated varieties so are they considered 'wild', 'natural' or what and to be included?


Many insects and wild creatures depend for sustainance and homes on a wide range of plants some that are cultivated in gardens and parks - but I understand they are not included. 

It would be good to have clear statements of what can and cannot be included, please....or have I missed it somewhere on the website?


Very best wishes...brilliant site!

Thanks for your comment. Have

Thanks for your comment. Have you filled out the survey form?