Photos Wanted!

    Do you take photographs of wildlife?

    We welcome the contribution of photographs that further develop our Species Library. We are looking for images of:

    • new species not yet covered by our library
    • differences between males, females, juveniles and growth stages
    • key features that help with identification
    • better quality or interesting compositions

    Please note that images:

    • must have been taken in Leicestershire or Rutland
    • should include the species name, place and date in the title, plus your name or initials
    • can be any size but should ideally by no smaller than 1200 pixels (long side)
    • should ideally have 4:3 aspect ratio (portrait or landscape)
    • general species shots should have the subject centred and with a little space around (creative shots are up to you of course!)

    By contributing an image you retain the copyright but agree for it to be used by NatureSpot for its charitable and educational work and not for any commercial purpose. Please read our terms.

    How to contribute images

    You can share your images on NatureSpot in two ways:

    1. upload your images via the Submit Records form

    2. send your images to us via email or on a cd and we will submit them for you

    Thank you.

    Image Needs

    The following are species that have been recorded on NatureSpot and are included in the Leicestershire and Rutland species library but without an image. If you have an image of any of these species that we could display then we would very much appreciate your help - see above.