Submitted by AJ Cann on Mon, 28/08/2017 - 07:48

    Common Backswimmer

    1000 species in a Leicester suburb.

    For the last three years Knighton Wild has made a regular annual visit to the Wash Brook Nature Reserve to record and document the flora and fauna on this site. Before this year's visit, the group was closing in on 1000 records from Knighton Ward, so this was the opportunity to push through the 1k barrier. Knighton Ward covers an area of 1.6 square miles in the suburbs of Leicester.  Although there are some notable areas of green space in the ward, probably half of it is covered in tarmac and concrete. Open spaces such as Knighton Park, the Attenborough Arboretum and the Wash Brook Nature Reserve harbour a surprising diversity of wildlife, but the biggest local nature reserve is probably private gardens.

    In the event, the 1000 record mark was reached just before the visit, but there were some notable finds from the trip, and the group is now on their way to recording 2000 species in the suburban oasis of Knighton.