The Festoon - Apoda limacodes


Wingspan 24 to 28 mm. An unmistakable species, the females are generally slightly larger and paler than males.

Photo ID?

It inhabits mature woodland.

When to see it

The flight period of the adults is during June and July. Although sometimes flying in sunshine, it is normally encountered after dark at light.

Life History

The small, grub-like caterpillar is green, and feeds on Oak (Quercus) and Beech (Fagus).

UK Status

This scarce species is restricted to the southern counties of England, mainly from Dorset eastwards to Kent ? the species is classified as Nationally Scarce B.

VC55 Status

It appears to be uncommon in Leicestershire and Rutland, where there are few records. L&R Moth Group status = D (rare or rarely recorded).

53.002 BF174

Leicestershire & Rutland Map

UK Map