Algae, Bacteria, Virus

All images on this website have been taken in Leicestershire and Rutland by NatureSpot members. We welcome new contributions - just register and use the Submit Records form to post your photos. Click on any image below to visit the species page. The RED / AMBER / GREEN dots indicate how easy it is to identify the species, particularly from a photo. See our Photo ID page for more information.

For more information, useful books and web links, plus tips on recording this group, see our Resources section.

It may seem odd to include a category of algae, bacteria and viruses but there are a number of species that fall into this group that you may well come across so we thought it would be helpful to illustrate these. Algae and Bacteria are poorly studied and little recorded. There is a lack of expert help available to us, and for this reason all identifications of species are tentative.