Blaby Cemetery

Wildlife Highlights

The old cemetery is an excellent site for invertebrates, such as hoverflies and moths. The meadow is dominated by False Oat-grass but also supports Lady's Bedstraw, Common Knapweed, Germander Speedwell and Meadow Vetchling.

Wild places

Total species seen at this site: 127


This site, managed by Blaby Parish Council, includes the 'old cemetery', established in the later 19th century, which is managed as a nature area. The old cemetery is particularly good for wildlife due to its mix of meadow, trees and hedgerow.

Latest records

Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
RobinErithacus rubecula04/03/2017Robert Carter
Wood PigeonColumba palumbus04/03/2017Robert Carter
RabbitOryctolagus cuniculus04/03/2017Robert Carter
MagpiePica pica04/03/2017Robert Carter
Common RagwortSenecio jacobaea24/06/2016David Nicholls
Common NettleUrtica dioica24/06/2016David Nicholls
Creeping ThistleCirsium arvense24/06/2016David Nicholls
Field Forget-me-notMyosotis arvensis24/06/2016David Nicholls
Rosebay WillowherbChamerion angustifolium24/06/2016David Nicholls
Broad-leaved WillowherbEpilobium montanum24/06/2016David Nicholls
Greater PlantainPlantago major24/06/2016David Nicholls
Hoary WillowherbEpilobium parviflorum24/06/2016David Nicholls
Lesser TrefoilTrifolium dubium24/06/2016David Nicholls
Yorkshire-fogHolcus lanatus24/06/2016David Nicholls
Capillary Thread-mossBryum capillare24/06/2016David Nicholls
Managed By
Blaby Parish Council

Group Common name Latin name Last seen
Algae, Bacteria, VirusNostoc commune24/06/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsTree BumblebeeBombus hypnorum24/06/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsRed-tailed BumblebeeBombus lapidarius24/06/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon Carder BumblebeeBombus pascuorum24/06/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsSmall Black AntLasius niger24/06/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon Red AntMyrmica rubra24/06/2016
Beetles2 Spot LadybirdAdalia bipunctata24/06/2016
Beetles7 Spot LadybirdCoccinella septempunctata24/06/2016
BeetlesHarlequin LadybirdHarmonia axyridis24/06/2016
BeetlesCardinal BeetlePyrochroa serraticornis24/06/2016
BirdsWood PigeonColumba palumbus24/06/2016
BirdsCarrion CrowCorvus corone24/06/2016
BirdsRobinErithacus rubecula04/03/2017
BirdsChaffinchFringilla coelebs24/06/2016
BirdsChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybita24/06/2016
BirdsMagpiePica pica04/03/2017
BirdsGreen WoodpeckerPicus viridis24/06/2016
BirdsWrenTroglodytes troglodytes24/06/2016
BugsAlder SpittlebugAphrophora alni24/06/2016
BugsDeraeocoris flavilinea24/06/2016
BugsParent BugElasmucha grisea24/06/2016
BugsCommon FroghopperPhilaenus spumarius24/06/2016
ButterfliesLarge SkipperOchlodes sylvanus24/06/2016
ButterfliesSpeckled WoodPararge aegeria24/06/2016
Flies, Gnats and MidgesBroad CenturianChloromyia formosa24/06/2016
Flies, Gnats and MidgesChromatomyia atricornis24/06/2016
Flies, Gnats and MidgesFace FlyMusca autumnalis24/06/2016
Flies, Gnats and MidgesHolly leaf minerPhytomyza ilicis24/06/2016
Flies, Gnats and MidgesYellow Dung FlyScathophaga stercoraria24/06/2016
Flies, Gnats and MidgesUrophora stylata24/06/2016