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Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
Midland HawthornCrataegus laevigata14/04/2017martindgrimes
Red CurrantRibes rubrum14/04/2017martindgrimes
Wych ElmUlmus glabra14/04/2017martindgrimes
Sweet WoodruffGalium odoratum14/04/2017martindgrimes
Melampsora populnea14/04/2017roy lemmon
Bitter Chocolate RustUromyces ficariae14/04/2017roy lemmon
Hazel WoodwartHypoxylon fuscum14/04/2017roy lemmon
King Alfred's CakesDaldinia concentrica14/04/2017roy lemmon
Calloria neglecta14/04/2017roy lemmon
Jelly Ear FungusAuricularia auricula-judae14/04/2017roy lemmon
Entyloma ficariae14/04/2017roy lemmon
Andricus quercuscorticis04/09/2016martindgrimes
Andricus gemmeus04/09/2016martindgrimes
Andricus corruptrix04/09/2016martindgrimes
Phytoptus avellanae04/09/2016martindgrimes

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Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

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Species List

Group Common Name Latin Name Last Seen
AmphibiansCommon ToadBufo bufo14/05/2015
Bees, Wasps, AntsAndricus callidoma04/09/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsAndricus corruptrix04/09/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsAndricus gemmeus04/09/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsAndricus quercuscorticis04/09/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsCommon Carder BumblebeeBombus pascuorum15/05/2016
Bees, Wasps, AntsTree WaspDolichovespula sylvestris27/07/2014
BeetlesCantharis pellucida15/05/2016
BeetlesCommon Sexton BeetleNicrophorus vespilloides13/08/2013
BeetlesCardinal BeetlePyrochroa serraticornis15/05/2016
BeetlesRutpela maculata27/06/2015
BeetlesStenocorus meridianus27/06/2015
BirdsBuzzardButeo buteo12/05/2015
BirdsCarrion CrowCorvus corone14/05/2015
BirdsCuckooCuculus canorus15/05/2016
BirdsRed KiteMilvus milvus15/05/2016
BirdsChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybita14/05/2015
BirdsGreen WoodpeckerPicus viridis14/05/2015
BugsRed-and-black FroghopperCercopis vulnerata27/06/2015
BugsEuropean Elm Leafcurl AphidEriosoma ulmi26/05/2016
ButterfliesOrange TipAnthocharis cardamines15/05/2016
ButterfliesGreen-veined WhitePieris napi27/07/2014
ButterfliesCommaPolygonia c-album02/04/2016
CranefliesTipula luna15/05/2016
Dragonflies and DamselfliesAzure DamselflyCoenagrion puella20/07/2009
Dragonflies and DamselfliesCommon Blue DamselflyEnallagma cyathigerum27/07/2014
Dragonflies and DamselfliesBlue-tailed DamselflyIschnura elegans21/07/2009
Dragonflies and DamselfliesBroad-bodied ChaserLibellula depressa20/07/2009
Dragonflies and DamselfliesLarge Red DamselflyPyrrhosoma nymphula15/05/2016
Dragonflies and DamselfliesCommon DarterSympetrum striolatum27/07/2014

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