100 Species - Submitting Records


Submitting your wildlife observations is easy. You can choose do it via the NatureSpot website or by using our mobile app - which allows you to record on the go.

Using the NatureSpot website

Submit Records

Our Submit Records form has been designed for ease of use. Once you have used it once or twice it should be quick to complete. A link to the form is on the main home page menu - you must be logged in to see it however.

Detailed guidance on submitting records - found under the Help & Information menu at the top of the screen and we have a short video guide to help you too. The FAQ page under Help & Information is also useful.

When on the Submit Records page, remember to hover on the blue icons on the Submit Records form for tips and guidance. If you still need help we will try our best to support you, just email: info@naturespot.org.uk

Using our mobile app


You can use our mobile app on your phone or tablet to submit records to NatureSpot as well as our website. See our app page for guidance on downloading it and the set up.

About wildlife recording

Every record submitted to NatureSpot is individually checked by a wildlife expert. This is vital to ensure that the data being collected is accurate and reliable. This is why we ask that wherever possible you submit photos with your records to help us confirm your identification. If a photo isn’t possible, for example birds can be difficult, then add a brief description of how you identified it using the the comments box on the species row.

Don’t expect to get every species ID right first time! However our experts will try to offer you helpful feedback if a record can’t be accepted so you can learn from this. A key lesson we all learn at the start is that there are often several species that look very similar and some can’t be identified without detailed examination. Our Red/Amber/Green identification ratings aim to give you a guide as to which species can generally be identified from a photo and which need closer examination. See the Identification Difficulty page for more details.  It is safest to stick with green-rated species until you have built up some experience.