Help to record the wildlife of Leicestershire and Rutland

    Submit any sighting of an animal, plant or fungus seen in Leicestershire or Rutland to put your dot on our species distribution maps. All records are passed on to local and national recording schemes and help add to our scientific knowledge which helps conservation.  All wildlife records are valuable, common or rare, and whether from your garden, local park or a nature reserve. If your wildlife sighting is not in Leicestershire and Rutland, please submit the record to the national iRecord website.

    You can now use the NatureSpot App to record in the field with your mobile phone.

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    Upcoming events

    A whirlwind tour of the Negev Desert in Israel by Gary Carter - online via Zoom

    An introduction to the kingdom of fungi and tips for getting started with recording - online via Zoom

    Professor Malcolm Bennett from Nottingham University will present the latest results of testing for TB in road killed badgers, including data from Leicestershire and Rutland - online via Zoom

    Roseanna Burton from the East Midlands Canal & River Trust discusses the role of waterways in biodiversity and conservation - online via Zoom

    Positive aspects of lockdown on wildlife recording - online conference

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    Latest stories

    Zig-Zag Elm Sawfly

    The Zig-Zag Elm Sawfly, Aproceros leucopoda, has arrived in Leicestershire - we recorded our first sighting on 15th September 2020. More...

    Oak Galls

    In this new NatureSpot video Sue Timms discusses how to find and identify Oak galls:

    Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

    A new shieldbug has been recorded in Leicester. More...

    Sugaring for Moths

    Some but not all moths are attracted to light traps. Leicestershire moth expert Paul Palmer presents an online workshop discussing a simple, low cost alternative - attracting moths using sugary treats. 

    Virtual Birdfair

    This year Birdfair is going digital! More...

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