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    Submit any sighting of an animal, plant or fungus – with or without a photo – to put your dot on our species distribution maps. All records are passed on to local and national recording schemes.  All wildlife records are valuable, common or rare, and whether from your garden, local park or a nature reserve. Help To Record

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    The Hall at St Peters C.E. Primary Academy, Station Road, Market Bosworth. CV13 0NP.

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    Roesel's bush cricket

    In recent years we have become familiar with Roesel's bush-cricket, Metrioptera roeselii. Here's why...

    The Iconic Oak

    The latest issue of Wood Wise from the Woodland Trust tells the story of the oak – its role in British culture and as a haven for wildlife. More...


    On the City of Leicester's Inner Ring Road Viper's-bugloss (Echium vulgare) blooms on the verge, a survivor from Buglife's Urban Buzz plantings of p

    The Drift

    One of the rarest landscapes in the East Midlands. Read more...


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    Dasineura aparines

    The larvae of the midge Dasineura aparines cause galls on Cleavers (Galium aparine) causing the buds to thicken at the tops of the stems.

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    Marmalade Hoverfly

    Marmalade Hoverfly, Episyrphus balteatus. The two 'moustache' black bands on the abdomen are unique.

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