Braunston Churchyard

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    Getting There

    By car, the simplest route is via Braunston Road/Oakham Road heading southwest from Oakham. Upon arrival into the village, turn left onto Church Street and the church will be up ahead.

    The main entrance to the church is on the Cedar Street triangle junction, but access can also be gained down a small path round the side on Cedar Street.

    Some roadside parking can be found in the village. There is a pub across the road for refreshment, which also offers some parking spaces.

    There are no bus routes to Braunston, so the closest stop is in Oakham (a 40/45-minute walk away). Information can be found here.

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 32


    Three miles south-west from Oakham lies the pretty village of Braunston. All Saints Church is in the centre of the village and is set in a moderately-sized churchyard. The earliest parts of the church date to the 12th century.

    Wildlife Highlights

    The grassland includes a number of wildflowers such as Fox and Cubs and Thyme-leaved Speedwell. The trees and shrubs also support a wide range of galls.



    Further Information

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Algae, Bacteria, VirusTrentepohlia aurea14/10/2017
    BeetlesHairy Spider WeevilBarypeithes pellucidus14/05/2015
    BeetlesNotiophilus biguttatus14/05/2015
    BeetlesVine WeevilOtiorhynchus sulcatus14/05/2015
    Craneflies, Gnats & MidgesHawthorn Button-top GallDasineura crataegi25/10/2018
    Craneflies, Gnats & MidgesDasineura urticae14/10/2017
    Craneflies, Gnats & MidgesEpiphragma ocellare14/05/2015
    Craneflies, Gnats & MidgesLighthouse GallRondaniola bursaria14/10/2017
    Craneflies, Gnats & MidgesTaxomyia taxi25/10/2018
    FungiViolet Bramble RustPhragmidium violaceum25/10/2018
    FungiPodosphaera fusca14/10/2017
    FungiProtomyces macrosporus02/11/2017
    FungiPuccinia hieracii25/10/2018
    FungiSycamore TarspotRhytisma acerinum14/10/2017
    LichensDirina massiliensis28/06/2018
    Mites, Ticks & PseudoscorpionsAceria pseudoplatani25/10/2018
    Mites, Ticks & PseudoscorpionsEriophyes lateannulatus25/10/2018
    Mosses & LiverwortsSilky Wall Feather-mossHomalothecium sericeum14/05/2015
    Slugs & SnailsBrown Soil SlugArion distinctus14/05/2015
    Slugs & SnailsWhite-lipped SnailCepaea hortensis14/05/2015
    Slugs & SnailsChestnut SlugDeroceras invadens14/05/2015
    Slugs & SnailsNetted SlugDeroceras reticulatum14/05/2015
    Slugs & SnailsIrish Yellow SlugLimacus maculatus14/05/2015
    WildflowersLords-and-LadiesArum maculatum14/05/2015
    WildflowersDaisyBellis perennis20/08/2013
    WildflowersWhite Dead-nettleLamium album20/08/2013
    WildflowersCommon Bird's-foot-trefoilLotus corniculatus20/08/2013
    WildflowersFox-and-cubsPilosella aurantiaca14/10/2017
    WildflowersRibwort PlantainPlantago lanceolata20/08/2013
    WildflowersCreeping CinquefoilPotentilla reptans20/08/2013
    WildflowersSelfhealPrunella vulgaris20/08/2013
    WildflowersThyme-leaved SpeedwellVeronica serpyllifolia14/05/2015