Cropston, Leicester Road Verge

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The verge lies along the west side of Leicester Road and is divided into two by a driveway.


Road verge

Managed By
Leicestershire County Council / Thurcaston and Cropston Parish Council
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Total species seen at this site:


This verge is now being managed to improve biodiversity as part of the County Council/Parish Council verges biodiversity trial. It was surveyed in June 22 by NatureSpot but we would welcome additional wildlife records from the community, whether plants, animals or fungi.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate that by managing the grassland as a wildflower meadow it can support a much greater diversity of wildlife species. Different species come and go throughout the year so we will get a much better understanding of the biodiversity value of this site if local residents can add records of what they have seen. Please take a photo if possible and include it with your record, using NatureSpot's Submit Records form. Once checked and accepted your record and any photos will appear on this page!

The verge is now being managed differently to help wildlife. Mowing will cease between April and August to allow the grasses and wildflowers to grow and bloom. In some cases, verges may also have additional native wildflower species added, either as seed or as plug plants.

A list of all the species found at the site, together with any images taken, appear below.

Note: the verge boundaries shown on the map are indicative, please refer to the signed/staked areas area on the ground for the exact location.

Wildlife Highlights

Though the unmown verge area was relatively small, a good diversity of flora species was found to be present. Species of particular note include Lady’s Bedstraw, Birdsfoot Trefoil and Field Woodrush. Other desirable meadow species include Germander Speedwell, Yarrow and Common Mouse-ear.

The relatively short growth height of the vegetation as a whole strongly indicates that the soil is not nutrient-rich – a good sign which favours diversity due to large plants being unable to dominate.

Survey summary

Floral diversity: 33

Local Wildlife Site indicator species: 3

Desirable meadow species: 14

Meadow quality: Good

Latest News

The northern half of the verge has continued to be mown this year but it is planned to include this area in future years.


The records and images below may include those from adjacent sites if the grid reference submitted with these records overlaps the boundary of this Wild Place.

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