Greetham Garage Road Verge

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    Getting There

    The site is easily accessible due to its proximity to the A1 by Stretton. Exit the A1 to the west side, and turn onto Greetham Road heading south.

    Parking is conveniently available in the garage car park, with the verge being just outside the entrance.

    The nearest bus stop is in Stretton, roughly a 10-minute walk away. More information can be found here:

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    Rutland County Council
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    Total species seen at this site: 1


    Assessed in 2018 and designated a candidate Local Wildlife Site, Greetham Garage verge is located either side of the entrance to Greetham Garage, on Greetham Road by the A1. The verges are wide, flat by the road and banked up to the rear, backed by a tall Hawthorn hedge. The habitat is mostly calcareous grassland, and is species-rich, with wildflowers dominant over grasses. The site is mostly likely of recent origin due to alterations to the junction.

    Wildlife Highlights

    Recorded species include: Meadow Brome, Bird's-foot Trefoil, Meadow Buttercup, Red Clover, Meadow Vetchling, Zigzag Clover, Hairy St.John's-wort, Wild Mignonette, Field Woodrush, Blue Sedge, Fairy Flax, Sorrel, Cowslip, Knapweed and Spike Sedge.

    In addition, several Bee Orchids have been recorded by the entrance to the garage, as well as Yellow Rattle in abundance to the south of the garage entrance. Chimney Sweeper moths have also been seen here indicating that Pignut is present.

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    KestrelFalco tinnunculus13/05/2017Rod Baker