ID Guides


Leicestershire County Council and NatureSpot have teamed up to develop this series of identification guides to local wildlife. The species featured are all relatively common and easily identified.

If you have seen a species not featured on one of these guides then visit the NatureSpot galleries to see images of nearly all Leicestershire and Rutland wildlife.

You can download and print the guides if you wish but the links in the documents will of course only work when viewing them online.


Garden Birds

Common Countryside Birds

Common Mammals


Common Butterflies

Common Moths

Common Caterpillars

Hidden Wildlife - Common Leafmines

Common Dragonflies and Damselflies

Common Bees and Wasps

Common Hoverflies

Common Beetles


Common Snails

Common Spiders and Harvestmen

Common Invertebrates

Common Woodland Wildlife

Wildlife in Compost


Woodland Wildflowers

Common Grasses, Sedges & Rushes

Garden 'Weeds'

Wildflowers on Road Verges

Common Trees

Common Hedgerow Trees & Shrubs

Common Fungi

Hedgerow identification and management - training video

Hedge species ID - simple key to most Leicestershire hedge species

Hedge species ID illustrated - simple key to most Leicestershire hedge species with images