Seaton Meadows

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Getting There

The meadows lie northwest of the village of Harringworth, southeast of Seaton, with both Seaton Road and the B672 passing along the perimeter. The nearest main road is the A47 to the north.

There is limited layby parking on the B672 under the viaduct.

There is no bus service to this area.

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Seaton Meadows is a Plantlife nature reserve and consists of two meadows, with the Welland Railway Viaduct (21 metres above) bisecting the two. The reserve was bought by Plantlife in 1996, and the site possibly dates from medieval times. Around 16 acres of the reserve is flood meadow. From December to July, the two fields are left ungrazed to produce a hay crop of grasses and herbs. This also helps the rich flora of the site and produces good breeding conditions for birds like Snipe. Around late July, the hay is cut, helping distribute seeds of the meadow plants. Seaton is the last example of this kind of meadow in the Welland Valley.

Wildlife Highlights

Recorded species in the flood meadow include: Meadowsweet, Meadow Vetchling, Yellow-rattle, Greater Bird’s-foot-trefoil, Pepper Saxifrage, Common Meadow-rue and Great Burnet.

On the higher, drier land, Lady’s Bedstraw, Pignut and Ox-Eye Daisy have been recorded.

In addition, Common Spike-Rush and Marsh-Marigold can be spotted where water oozes from below the clay and where this higher land meets the silt by the river.


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