Mobile App

You can now use a mobile app on your phone or tablet to submit records to NatureSpot. NatureSpot is part of the national iRecord system so are using the established and well-used iRecord app. The instructions below explain how you can set up the iRecord app to direct your records to NatureSpot and then start recording in the field with your mobile phone. The iRecord app is regularly updated and includes automated image recognition as an aid to species identification, so please make sure you are using the latest version. (NB: The "NatureSpots" app available on app stores has nothing to do with NatureSpot and we only receive records submitted via the iRecord app.)

If you want your app records to be linked to one of the projects set up on NatureSpot you can do this too.

Using the iRecord app for NatureSpot

The iRecord App is available for both Apple and Android phones and can be used to submit records to NatureSpot from your mobile phone or tablet. Please note, you need to search for iRecord in the app store, not for NatureSpot. You can then submit your VC55 records to NatureSpot from within the iRecord app. 

Step 1

Before starting, please register an account on if you don’t have one already. Registration is free - you will have to fill in a few details and accept terms and conditions. Please ensure you use the same email as you used for your account on NatureSpot to allow iRecord to link the records to your account. After registering you will need to click a link in an email from iRecord to validate your account.

Step 2

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are logged into iRecord then click on the 'activities' menu entry. Click on the 'Browse all activities' tab and enter 'NatureSpot' into the search box to list all the NatureSpot activities, including specific projects. Unless you have been asked to collect records for a specific project, select the top entry. To join this 'activity' click on the star icon to the right of the row. You can join more than one activity if desired.


Step 3

Install the iRecord app ( for your phone if you have not already done so and log in on the app.

Step 4

At the bottom of the app home screen there is a row of buttons. Just to the left of the central green + button is an activities button (ringed in red below), tap this:


Step 5

On the list of activities which appears tap the relevant NatureSpot entry shown – make sure the small tick (or radio button) to the right of the “Default” entry moves to the NatureSpot entry showing that it is selected. If you can’t see the NatureSpot activity but are sure you have joined it, try pulling the screen down then letting go to refresh the list. If this doesn't work, try logging out and back in again.


Step 6

You are now free to add records within the app using the + or Photo button. When you submit your records, watch out for the blue bar at the top of the record details which confirms that you are adding it to your chosen NatureSpot activity:


That’s it!

Note that because the records are initially submitted to iRecord then moved into NatureSpot it may take a short while for them to be transferred to NatureSpot.

Using the App

Open the App. Any existing records not yet submitted will be showing.

Adding records

Tap the ‘+’ on the top right to add a new record.

Start typing in a species name – choices appear in a menu as you type. At any point you can select the appropriate species from the menu. Typing any part of the scientific or English names will pull up a list of choices.

The location will be set automatically, based on your phone’s GPS location, though you can easily change this. Tap on ‘Location’ – this opens a map showing your current location. Tap the map to change the grid reference, zooming in and retapping will generate a more detailed grid ref. Always ensure the grid ref has 6 figures or more.

Type in the name of your location. You can then optionally add free text comments, abundance details, sex, stage (adult etc) and identifiers (if others have helped with the identification).

To add a photo – tap the camera logo at the bottom. You then choose between taking a photo or adding one you’ve already taken on your phone. Alternatively, you can begin with a photo by tapping the camera icon instead of the ‘+’ and following the instructions.

To add multiple species at the same location, tap on the padlock icon next to the grid ref and/or location name. These details will then be used with all future species you add until you tap the padlock again to unlock it.

Submitting records

You can submit your records at any time but you may want to wait until you have a wifi connection. To submit, tap on the menu icon and you will then see the Submit option.

Editing records

If you make an error and want to delete an entry, swipe the record to the left – you will then see a red waste bin. Tap this to delete the record. It will warn you if you haven’t sent it in.

IMPORTANT NOTE – This app lets you add new records and edit them PRIOR to you submitting them. Once submitted, you can only edit or delete the records on the NatureSpot website -  go to the 'My Dashboard' page to find all of your records and use edit button at the end of the row.