Brooke Hill Wood

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    Getting There

    Access to Brooke Hill Wood is via the main car park on the lower slopes, off Brooke Road.

    The paths are level on the lower slopes but the upper slopes are steep in places and accessed by stiles. All paths are grass.

    Managed By
    Woodland Trust
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 6


    Brooke Hill Wood is a 15.6 hectare (38.5 acre) site on the southern edges of Oakham. It is adjacent to Gorse Field, Harris Grove and Ball's Meadow, another Woodland Trust site. The map includes both sites.

    The Woodland Trust purchased Brooke Hill Wood as an extension of Gorse Field, Harris Grove and Ball's Meadow in 2008. It was planted with native trees, including a number of royal oak trees collected from royal estates to mark the Diamond Jubilee. The site was officially opened by Princess Anne. The site used to be home to the shooting stations of Oakham School's rifle range up until the 1970s. In older history, the site was used as a medieval field, still showing signs of ridge and furrow.


    Woodland Trust with public access.

    Further Information
    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Barn OwlTyto alba16/10/2018Roy Edwards
    Broad-bodied ChaserLibellula depressa23/06/2018siancheverton
    Large Red DamselflyPyrrhosoma nymphula23/06/2018siancheverton
    BuzzardButeo buteo09/06/2015Rod Baker
    BuzzardButeo buteo09/07/2013Rod Baker
    Lesser WhitethroatSylvia curruca06/07/2004Tim Caldicott
    WhitethroatSylvia communis06/07/2004Tim Caldicott

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    BirdsBuzzardButeo buteo09/06/2015
    BirdsWhitethroatSylvia communis06/07/2004
    BirdsLesser WhitethroatSylvia curruca06/07/2004
    BirdsBarn OwlTyto alba16/10/2018
    Dragonflies and DamselfliesBroad-bodied ChaserLibellula depressa23/06/2018
    Dragonflies and DamselfliesLarge Red DamselflyPyrrhosoma nymphula23/06/2018