Castle Gardens, Leicester

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    Getting There

    The site is located in a central part of Leicester and is easily accessed from a number of entrance points off Castle Street, the Newarke and St Augustine Road.

    The site is open during daylight hours only – gates are locked at dusk.

    Managed By
    Leicester City Council
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 133


    Castle Gardens is a green oasis close to the City centre in Leicester.  It is located in the historic “Castle Park” area with the River Soar forming a natural boundary on the west and the old Courthouse and St Mary de Castro church to the East (note that access to the churchyard is restricted).

    The Gardens contain many specimen trees, shrubs and seasonal planting whilst the Castle motte has more natural vegetation and mature trees with fine views from the top.


    Wildlife Highlights

    The mosaic of habitat types within this small area of green space allows a range of insects to thrive within the gardens.  Careful shrub planting provides a long flowering season which attracts pollinating insects, whilst the shady and wilder areas support ramsoms, ferns and bluebells.

    The gardens contains an ornamental pond which supports frogs and smooth newts which hibernate in surrounding lush vegetation and stone walls whilst the historic buildings and proximity of open water provide an ideal habitat for bats to roost and forage.

    Further Information
    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Evergreen OakQuercus ilex07/11/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Holm-Oak PigmyEctoedemia heringella07/11/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Phytomyza agromyzina07/11/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Holly leaf minerPhytomyza ilicis07/11/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Aulagromyza heringii07/11/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Horse-chestnut Leaf MinerCameraria ohridella07/11/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Black NightshadeSolanum nigrum07/11/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Cecidophyes nudus19/07/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Volucella zonaria19/07/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Cerodontha iridis15/07/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Leaf minePhytomyza lappae15/07/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Mind-your-own-businessSoleirolia soleirolii15/07/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Long HoverflySphaerophoria scripta15/07/2019Saharima Roenisch
    Honey BeeApis mellifera15/07/2019Saharima Roenisch
    7 Spot LadybirdCoccinella septempunctata15/07/2019Saharima Roenisch