Submitted by kellysquigglyline on Wed, 27/11/2013 - 10:19

Hello there


Im Kelly and currently studying an Applied Animal Science degree, i am in my second year and hope to go on to some form of conservation work in the future.

I have been thinking of dissertation ideas to start next year, and at the moment am stuck on the idea of doing something with slugs, i get loads in my lounge and they seem to have over come the copper tape i used to stop them, this led me to thinking 'i wonder if slugs can learn' like do they have this cognitive ability, do they feel pain and to what extent? could they remember a maze and avoid it? lots of ideas going around in my head at the moment, do they leave the same trail, travel the same route. If anybody knows anything about slugs let me know, im hoping that my ideas have not been done before or i will have to come up with a new idea for my dissertation and no idea what i would do


Thats me


Submitted by David Nicholls on Thu, 28/11/2013 - 18:31


Hi Kelly,

I'm the county coordinator for molluscs so keen to encourage your interest in all things slug and snail. It might be helpful to think of slugs as snails without a shell as I think there has been more research done on snails that should be relevant to your enquiry. The slime is a clever chemical that not only lubricates the animal's movement but also includes chemicals that can be followed by other slugs/snails. I'm not familiar with any specific research around the themes you mention but I'd be interested in swapping ideas with you if you want to take it further.


Best wishes,