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    It's the first of December, so it is officially permissible to use the "C word". There's probably no shortage of things you can think of to spend money on for yourself, but what about that tricky NatureSpotter in your life - what do you get them for Christmas? The NatureSpot advent calendar is here to help!

    If you're not generous enough to buy your loved one a new pair of Swarovski binoculars, how about a book? Here are four to get you started, but we'd like to hear what is the best wildlife book you've read in the last year (comments below please)? For insect lovers, how about The Secret Life of Flies by Erica McAlister? Highly entertaining and packed full of anecdotes, it's a rollicking good read, and it's had rave reviewsThe Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy by Michael McCarthy is a book you won't be likely to forget in a hurry, but if creepy crawlies aren't your thing, I'd highly recommend Meadowland: the private life of an English field by John Lewis-Stempel. If that doesn't lift your heart on a cold winter night, the only other thing I can think of is The Natural History of Selborne by Gilbert White - still in print after more than 200 years and over 300 editions - you have read it, haven't you?

    But maybe I've missed something - what have we left out?



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    Zoe Devlin: Blooming Marvellous: A Wildflower Hunter's Year - Tales from a lifetime's botanising in Ireland woven across the trellis of a year.
    Hetty Saunders: My House of Sky: A Life of J A Baker - Biography of the author of the birding classic The Peregrine.
    Leif Bersweden: The Orchid Hunter: A young botanist's search for happiness - A gap year with a difference, one man's attempt to find all the UK's orchids in a single year.
    Charlotte Peacock: Into the Mountain: A Life of Nan Shepherd - A biography of the author of the classic work on the Cairngorms The Living Mountain. (If you haven't read that, it is highly recommended.)
    Rosamund Young: The Secret Life of Cows - Reissue of a small book about the fascinating characters and habits of livestock.