About Us

NatureSpot is a registered charity which promotes the wildlife and wild places of Leicestershire and Rutland and engages the public in local biodiversity. It is entirely run by committed volunteers.

NatureSpot aims to help people:

  • discover the wildlife and wild places of Leicestershire and Rutland
  • identify local wildlife
  • record the wildlife they see

NatureSpot is also a company limited by guarantee. We have a Board of Trustees comprising local naturalists and conservation professionals and are also supported by experts and professionals such as the County Recorders and officers of the Leicestershire and Rutland Environmental Records Centre (LRERC), Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust. We are funded by grants and donations.

Record Data

The wildlife records submitted to NatureSpot are collected through a national recording system called Indicia. The record data is held on a secure server at the Biological Records Centre based at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Every submitted record is carefully checked as part of a strict verification process and for difficult or unusual species involves local and national experts. All verified records are submitted to the LRERC, local and national recording schemes and the National Biodiversity Network (NBN). Only the name of those submitting records is released with the datasets, other personal information is retained as confidential information by NatureSpot.


If you would like any further details about NatureSpot, please contact us at: info@naturespot.org.uk or write to:

71 Church Lane
Leicestershire LE6 0JF