Adopt a tetrad

    Adopting a Tetrad

    One of the main aims of NatureSpot is to encourage widespread nature recording across the whole of Leicestershire and Rutland.  At the moment we have received no records at all from quite a lot of areas.  In an attempt to remedy this we are now asking all of our users to ‘adopt’ an unrecorded tetrad (2 km x 2 km square) during 2015 and to record as many species as possible from their chosen area – even common species such as Daisy and Hawthorn.  In this way we can begin to map the distribution of species across the two counties.

    To facilitate this, we have listed below the tetrads from which no records have been received. Amazingly there are 236 of them, so you should have no difficulty in finding one that is convenient to you. Having chosen a likely square  you can visit the map on the 'Grab a Grid' (link below) and tick the box on the right of the page marked ‘2km square’.  Now enter the tetrad reference from our list into the box marked ‘Go to’ and click ‘Go’ – the map will now show the boundaries of your chosen tetrad in a pink box.  Remember where your tetrad crosses county boundaries, try and restrict your recording to remain within Leicestershire or Rutland!!!

    Visit the Grab A Grid map.

    Anyone is welcome to submit records for any of these areas but let us know if you are willing to visit and we will add your name below. It doesn't matter what you record, even common species would be a good start.

    Name Tetrad Adopted by
    Alexton Lodge SP89E  
    Appleby Parva SK30E  
    Ashby Folville North SK71B  
    Ashby Folville South SK71A  
    Ashley East SP89A  
    Ashwell SK81R  
    Ashwell Grange SK81L  
    Asplin Wood SK42F  
    Atherstone North SP39E  
    Atterton SP39P  
    Bagworth Wood SK40P David Nicholls
    Barkby Thorpe SK60J  
    Barkestone North SK73T  
    Barrow, Rutland SK81X  
    Barrowden South SP99P  
    Barton in the Beans SK30Y  
    Battle Flat SK41K  
    Battram SK40J David Nicholls
    Belmesthorpe TF01K  
    Belmesthorpe Grange TF00P  
    Belvoir SK83G  
    Black-a-Moors Spinney SK52L  
    Bottesford NW SK74V  
    Boundary SK31J  
    Branston SK82E  
    Brooke SK80M  
    Brooksby Grange SK61S  
    Broughton Lodges SK72C  
    Buckminster   SK82R  
    Buckminster East SK82W  
    Buckminster Lodge SK82Q  
    Burton Lazars SK71T  
    Burton Overy Lane SP69Z  
    Caldecott North SP89S  
    Carlton SK30X  
    Carlton Curlieu SP69Y  
    Castle Donington SK42N  
    Castle Donington NW SK42J  
    Catthorpe SP57P  
    Catthorpe South SP57N  
    Chadwell SK72X  
    Chilcote SK21V  
    Chilcote West SK21Q  
    Church Langton SP79G  
    Clay Hill TF01G  
    Claybrook Magna   SP48Z  
    Clipsham quarries SK91Y  
    Cold Overton Park Wood SK80J  
    Cordhill Lane SK81N  
    Coston SK82L  
    Cote Hill Farm SP68G  
    Cotesbach   SP58G Sally Cunningham
    Cotesbach Fields Farm SP58F  
    Cottesmore Airfield SK91D  
    Cottesmore West SK81W  
    Cream Gorse SK71C  
    Cuckoo Lodge SK90R  
    Desford East SK40W David Nicholls
    Diseworth SK42M  
    Donington Park SK42D  
    Drayton SP89G  
    Drayton South SP89F  
    Edmondthorpe   SK81T  
    Edmondthorpe North SK81U  
    Essendine TF01L  
    Essendine East TF01R  
    Fenny Drayton SP39N  
    Fenny Drayton South SP39M  
    Foxton Locks SP68Z  
    Foxton Prison SP78E  
    Freeby SK82A  
    Freeby View Farm SK72W  
    Frisby SK61Y  
    Frisby Grange SK61X  
    Garthorpe Lodge SK82K  
    Glooston Lodge SP79N  
    Great Dalby SK71M  
    Hallaton   SP79Y  
    Halstead SK70M  
    Hamilton SK60I  
    Hardwick Farm SK91R  
    Harris Bridge SK30L  
    Harston Big Wood SK83K  
    Harston NE SK83L  
    Hemington Fields SK43K  
    Higham West SP39S  
    Hinckley SW SP49B  
    Hose Lodge Farm SK73A  
    Husbands Bosworth East SP68M  
    Husbands Bosworth SE SP68L  
    Ibstock Grange SK40E  
    Illston on the Hill SP79E  
    Isley Walton SK42H  
    Kirby Bellars SK71D  
    Kirby Lodge Farm SK71H  
    Kirby Mallory SK40K  
    Kithorpe Grange SK90W  
    Knipton   SK83F  
    Knipton Reservoir SK83A  
    Knossington West SK70Z  
    Langley Priory SK42G  
    Laughton Hills SE SP68T  
    Laughton West SP68U  
    Leesthorpe SK71W  
    Linton South SK21T  
    Little Dalby Hall SK71R  
    Little Orton SK30C  
    Longcliff Hill SK62S  
    Lubenham SP78D  
    Lubenham West SP68Y  
    Lutterworth North SP58N  
    Magna Park South SP58B  
    Marefield North SK70P  
    Marefield Spinney SK70N  
    Market Bosworth West SK30W  
    Market Overton SK81Y  
    Measham House Farm SK31L  
    Medbourne South SP79V  
    Mowsley SP68P  
    Nailstone SK40D  
    Nailstone East SK40I David Nicholls
    Nether Broughton SK62X  
    Netherseal   SK21W  
    Netherseal West SK21R  
    Newbold SK70U  
    No Man's Heath SK20Z  
    No Man's Heath NW SK20U  
    Normanton East SK84F  
    Normanton le Heath SK31R  
    Normanton Lodge SK84B  
    Normanton Lodge East SK84G  
    Normanton Turville SP49Z Ted Gaten
    Norris Hill SK31I  
    North Luffenham SK90G  
    Oakham West SK80P  
    Odstone Hill House SK30Z  
    Old Dalby Lodge SK62L  
    Old Parks SK31U  
    Orton NW SK20X  
    Orton on the Hill SK30B  
    Orton West SK20W  
    Overseal   SK21X  
    Owston Woods East SK80D  
    Peaslands Farm SK52X  
    Peatling Parva North SP59V Craig Mabbett
    Peckleton SK40Q David Nicholls
    Pickwell SK71V  
    Pickworth SK91W  
    Piper Wood SK42Q  
    Potter's Wood SK21S  
    Poultney   SP58X  
    Queniborough Brook SK61Q  
    Queniborough South SK61K  
    Ragdale SK61U  
    Ratcliffe Culey SP39J  
    Red Hill SK43V  
    Redhill Lodge SP99J  
    Roundabout Spinney SK40V David Nicholls
    Rowden House Farm SP39T  
    Saddington SW SP69K  
    Saltby SK82N  
    Saltby Airfield SK82T  
    Saxelbye East SK72A  
    Scaffacre Farm/New Wood SK42L  
    Scotlands Farm SK32W  
    Seagrave SK61D  
    Seagrave Grange SK61E  
    Seagrave Wolds SK61J  
    Seaton South SP99D  
    Shangton SP79D  
    Shangton Grange SP79I  
    Shawell SP58K  
    Shearsby West SP69A Phil Adams
    Sheepy Magna West SK30A  
    Shepshed SK41U  
    Sibson SK30K  
    Sibson East SK30Q  
    Snarestone West SK30J  
    South Croxton SK61V  
    South Kilworth Lodge SP58W  
    South Whitham South SK91J  
    South Wood west SK32K  
    Spinney Hills SK60C  
    Sproxton SK82M  
    Sproxton Quarry SK82S  
    Sroxton Lodge SK82X  
    Stamford North TF00J  
    Stanford Hall SP57Z  
    Stapleford Lodge SK71Y  
    Stapleford South SK81D  
    Stapleton SP49J  
    Stretton en le Field SK31A  
    Stretton NE SK91U  
    Stretton North SK91P  
    Stretton Wood SK91N  
    Studbrook Hollow SK42I  
    Swinford Corner SP58Q  
    Teigh Gate House SK81M  
    Teigh South SK81S  
    The Cross Hands SK30G  
    Theddingworth   SP68S  
    Theddingworth Lodge SP68N  
    Thorpe by Water South SP89X  
    Thorpe Satchville SK71F  
    Thorpe Trussels SK71G  
    Thrussington Grange SK61P  
    Tilton SW SK70H  
    Tinwell South TF00C  
    Tipping's Lodge SK82P  
    Tipping's Lodge SK82U  
    Tixover South SP99U  
    Turnpole Wood TF01B  
    Twycross East SK30M  
    Twyford South SK70J  
    Upton SP39U  
    Vowe's Gorse SP79Z  
    Walcote SP58R  
    Walton SK51Z  
    Walton SP58Y  
    Walton Grange SP68D  
    Waterloo Lodge Farm SK60Z  
    Watling House SP48T  
    Welford North SP68K  
    Welford NW SP68F  
    Wellsborough SK30R  
    Weston by Welland SP79Q  
    Whissendine SK81H  
    Whissendine NW SK81C  
    Whissendine South SK81G  
    Whissendine SW SK81B  
    Willoughby East SK62M  
    Wilson SK42C  
    Witherley SP39I Graham Calow
    Woodville SK31E  
    Wycomb SK72S  
    Wymondham SK81P