Birds are the most recorded group and the starting point for most people interested in wildlife. 316 bird species are listed on the county checklist, excluding a further 15 species likely to be escapees. 120 species are known to have bred in the two counties. The range and abundance of species changes over time and whilst some have become very rare others, such as Buzzard, Red Kite and Little Egret are now regular sightings.

Leicestershire and Rutland Resources

 The Leicestershire & Rutland Ornithological Society offers an excellent local website with up to date news on what birds are around at the moment and also has a guide to good local birding sites.

Checklist of birds for Leicestershire and Rutland

Useful Websites and Publications


RSPB - comprehensive guide to British birds. Also, try out their Bird Identifyer tool.


Collins Bird Guide - for Britain and Europe, if you only get one bird guide, get this one! It is available in softback, hardback and large format.

Collins Field Guide: Bird Songs and Calls of Britain and Northern Europe (Contains 2 accompanying CDs) - useful reference guide to bird sounds.

If you know of other websites or books that you would recommend, do let us know:

Recording Schemes

Locally, the Leicestershireshire and Rutland Ornithological Society records birds across both our counties.

Nationally, BirdTrack, run by the British Trust for Ornithology, is an online recording scheme for birds in the UK.

As with all records, any submissions you make to NatureSpot will be automatically forwarded to both local and national recording schemes.

Visit our County Recorders page to find out who is the CR in VC55 (Leicestershire and Rutland).