Submitted by David Nicholls on Wed, 24/09/2014 - 20:33

The recently discovery of Box Bugs in Leicestershire is likely to be the first of many such records. It looks similar to the more common Dock Bug so I thought ity might be useful to post images of both species which I found close together at County Hall. Box Bug is the first with the narrower body shape.



Submitted by Paul Ruddoch on Wed, 24/09/2014 - 21:05


That is great Dave, I am going to have to start checking my Dock bugs more carefully.

The images open fine, although they do open on the same page as the forum post, not a problem tho, I just right clicked the image link and opened in a new tab.  Really making progress now, great work.

I've changed the settings so any visitor can view the uploaded files/images, though you still have to be logged in the post a message.


The original post was made some time ago and we have changed the format of the posts since then so images are better integrated into the message. The old images no longer display. However you can see lots of images of both species to compare in our bug gallery. It is interesting that since my original post when the Box Bug was first discovered in Leicestershire it has become quite common. Indeed I found two in my garden a few weeks ago!