Fish are generally under-recorded for the obvious reason they are hard to see. 37 species have been recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland but some of these are now extinct in the two counties. Conversely there have been a number of new additions, mainly of introduced species. See the checklist below for a full list.

    Useful Websites and Publications

    Fish - internet Fish - books
      Guide to British Freshwater Fishes (Croft P and Roberts C, 2006) Field Studies Council AIDGAP chart, 8 pp
      Freshwater Fishes in Britain: The Species and Their Distribution (Davies C, Shelley J, Harding P, McLean I, Gardiner R and Peirson G, 2004), Harley Books, Colchester, 176pp (atlas)
      Britain's Freshwater Fishes (Britain's Wildlife) (Everard M, 2013) Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 144 pp (WILDguide)


    Freshwater Fishes (Maitland PS and Campbell RN, 1992) HarperCollins, London, 368pp (New Naturalist)
      Fish of Britain and Europe (Miller PJ and Loates MJ, 1997), HarperCollins, London, 288pp (Collins Pocket Guide)
      Field Key to the Freshwater Fishes and Lampreys of the British Isles (Wheeler A, 1998), Field Studies, 9, 355-394

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    Recording Schemes

    In VC55 the County Coordinator for fish is Andrew Heaton.

    As with all records, any submissions you make to NatureSpot will be automatically forwarded to both local and national recording schemes.

    Checklist of species

    Checklist of Leicestershire & Rutland Fish

    Identification / Further Information

    Andrew Heaton has prepared a very useful information pack on VC55 fish, which includes descriptions of all known species, status details, identification tips and more.

    Introductory Fish Pack

    Review of Fish in Leicestershire and Rutland