Grasshoppers & Crickets


image from A Guide to the Shropshire Orthoptera and Dermaptera (see below).

From left to right: Lesser Marsh, Meadow, Green, Field, Mottled


Grasshoppers and crickets are synonymous with summer and often a very visible (and audible) group to spot. Most can be identified by careful reference to colours, patterns and features such as wing length. The visible features of the pronotum are particularly important ID characteristics of grasshoppers.

Leicestershire and Rutland Resources

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Useful Websites and Publications

internet books
Orthoptera & Allied Insects (of the UK) - an excellent site with detailed accounts and pictures of all UK species. Grasshoppers and Allied Insects of Great Britain and Ireland - excellent, though expensive, guide with high quality illustrations and UK distribution maps. Covers crickets, cockroaches and earwigs.
A Guide to the Shropshire Orthoptera and Dermaptera - a brief but very useful ID guide to the most common species. A Photographic Guide to Grasshoppers and Crickets of Britain and Ireland - Evans & Edmondson. Probably the most useful ID guide around - highly recommended.

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