Lacewings & Scorpionflies


This group includes a number of very common and frequently encountered insects. However identifying the species isn't obvious for most species. Fortunately there are a few good resources to help with this.

Leicestershire and Rutland Resources

None known.

Other Useful Websites and Publications

internet books
Gloucester Mecopteran - a useful free guide to the three UK species of scorpionflies and how to identify them. A Key to the Adults of British Lacewings and their Allies, Colin Plant - this Aidgap publication from the FSC is the best resource around for this group. A bargain at £8.

If you know of other websites or books that you would recommend, do let us know:

Recording Schemes

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Most species require examination of the specimen with a good lens or microscope. Very good photos may be sufficient, for example if they show the top of the genital capsule on male scorpionflies.