My Records & Images Help

    Once you have submitted any records or images to NatureSpot you can review these on the My Records and My Images pages. When you first open these pages, they will display all your records or images but you can then easily filter these to review a more specific list.

    • Taxonomic Group - select the category to look at just records/images from one species type, eg. birds
    • Site Name - the filter will recognise part of a site name, eg. 'garden', to display records from just one site
    • Date From and Date To - this will display records/images within the date range selected

    As well as the filters, you can organise your list alphabetically, or in date order, by clicking on any of the column headings. The first click will order them A-Z, then a further click will reverse the order.

    Use the 'next' link at the bottom of the page to see the next batch of records in your list. After the first page, a 'previous' link will also appear so you can navigate backwards.

    If you want to download your own copy of the list, click on Download Report and follow the instructions.


    Reporting a Record Error

    If you realise that your have made an error in any of the records submitted you should email NatureSpot quoting the ID reference and telling us what correction should be made. To find the ID reference, use the filter and ordering functions on the My Records page to locate the relevant record. The ID is shown in the left hand column.