When you submit a record to NatureSpot you can choose whether or not to receive email notifications about the status of your records. There are several different types of notification and you have full control over which ones you want to receive and how often. You set up these notifications or change your mind at any time by visiting your My Profile page (on the top menu).

My Account page

Once your My Account page has opened, select the Edit tab and scroll down to find the Email notification section shown below. Click on the Advanced notification settings link to view all the options.

Which to choose?

These emails are generated automatically through the national iRecord scheme, through which all NatureSpot records flow. By default they are all turned (off except the milestones and awards option) so you are not bombarded with emails without an explanation. However if you would like feedback on what has happened to your records then use the drop down menus to select how often you would like to receive this feedback.

Comments on your records

Every record your submit is checked by an expert, mostly local but sometimes national. This checking is called verification. Verifyers have the option to leave a comment, though in most cases this isn't necessary. If a comment is left you will receive it if you select this option. Note that you may also receive a personal email from the verifyer attached to a summary of your record, perhaps asking for more information. If you reply to this personal email it will return to the verifyer (though this isn't obvious from the address on the email!).

Record Cleaner checks

All records are analysed by the National Biodiversity Network's 'record cleaner' software. If the record is unusual, such as flowering at the wrong time of year or from an area where the species has not been found before, the system sends you a message. Please remember these are automated messages and you don't have to anything if you receive one. The necessary action will be taken by the verifyer.

Verification of your records

This notication tells you when your records have been verified, by whom and the status given. It is for information only.

Milestones and awards

When you submit a certain number of records you will received an email from NatureSpot, either to recognise your achievement or to give you useful information. We recommend that you keep these notifications switched on.


If you would like more details or are unclear about any of these notications then email: