Special finds from Sapcote

    Recording of the flora and fauna in Sapcote Parish started early in 2006 with a flora survey of the parish.  This was soon extended to include fauna of every type and by July 2018 a total of 2601 species had been recorded and photographed in the parish. These included several important records of species that had never been recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland before. One of these was the nationally rare Daisy Earthstar which was found under fir trees opposite the Bassett Lane School. More

       It was found at the end of the season, and only the spent fruiting body remained.  This was taken to a local fungi expert in Hinckley, who recognised its importance and sent it on to Kew in London for expert attention. They in turn confirmed the identification and retained the specimen in the Kew herbarium.



    Another special find was the Tawny Longhorn Beetle (Paracorymbia fulva) which was recorded at the bottom of Leicester Road in 2009. This species was believed to be restricted to the south coast of England, and at the time this was the first record for the species anywhere in the Midlands, and the furthest north it had ever been recorded.

    Five individuals of this species have since been recorded in Sapcote, suggesting that there is a small breeding colony established in the parish.




    On 19th July 2013 the nationally scarce moth Evergestis limbata was recorded at our light trap in Harecroft Crescent, Sapcote.  It was the first time this moth had been recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland, and possibly the first record in the whole of the Midlands. Two more specimens of the same species were taken in the same Sapcote garden during July 2014 - still the only records of this moth in Leicestershire and Rutland.


    An excellent early record for Sapcote came on 24th Feb 2016 when a Plane Tree Bug (Arocatus longiceps) was recorded on an inside window pane in Harecroft Crescent.  This bug is a recent arrival in Britain and this was the first record for Leicesatershire and Rutland.  It is associated with London Plane Trees which are not found in Sapcote.  It is thought that this specimen may have hitched a lift from the car park of Asda in Hinckley where the tree does grow.


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