Species Lists (VC55)

    The following lists have generally been prepared by the county recorder for each taxon group and describe all the species that have been recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland (VC55). Some provide a simple list of species, others provide additional information about the status of each species in the two counties.


    Group Author, Date Status included?
    Birds (checklist link on page) LROS (regularly updated) Yes
    Amphibians & Reptiles Andrew Heaton, 2020 Yes
    Fish Andrew Heaton, 2016 Yes
    Dragonfles & Damselflies Ian Merrill, 2020 Yes
    Beetles Graham Finch, to end of 2019 Yes
    Ants Gavin Gamble, 2020 Yes
    Sawflies David Nicholls, 2018 Yes
    Craneflies John Kramer, 2016 No
    Molluscs - Aquatic Snails David Nicholls, 2016 Yes
    Molluscs - Land Snails David Nicholls, 2016 Yes
    Molluscs - Slugs David Nicholls, 2016 Yes
    Centipedes Helen Ikin, 2016 No