Submit Records Illustrated Guide

    Follow this six step guide to submitting your wildlife sightings. You might find it useful to use a second tab on your browser to have the form and this guide open at the same time.

    To get started, click on Submit Records on the main menu:

    Step 1 - Enter the date

    Step 2 - Enter a name for the site

    Tip - if the site hasn't got a formal name, use the village or area name. If it is your garden, use a name like Groby or Whetstone garden.

    Step 3 - Enter a grid reference

    Don't panic! The site makes this very easy - all you have to do is click the 'spot' on the map.

    To get the map to zoom to the right area - use the Search box:

    Now use the map controls to find the exact spot - then just click on it and the grid ref will be entered automatically.

    Make sure your grid reference has at least 6 numbers. If the it only has 4, zoom in further and click again.

    You can now start entering your species by clicking the next tab - What Did You See?

    Step 4 - Entering your species

    Step 5 - Add a photo (optional)

    Note - the Add Images link only appears after the species name has been entered.

    Click on Add Images if you have a photo to attach to your record.

    If you haven't already done so, complete any of the optional boxes and add any additional images.

    Step 6 - Add any other species and SAVE

    Use new lines to add any other species you saw. Note - species seen on a different date or at a different sites should be entered on a fresh form.

    You will now be taken to a thank you screen listing your records - with a map showing other records for the species you have added.