What to record

    It is not always clear which species to record and how often. Do you record the Blackbird in your garden every day? What about plants in your garden or street trees nearby? Guidance from the BSBI (Botanical Society of the British Isles) has recently been published which helps to give some answers to these questions regarding plants. The full guidance can be viewed below but here are some pointers:

    • Do record common species, not just the notable ones you see
    • In general it is sufficient to record the species found on a particular site just once each year
    • You don't need to have 'discovered' the species to record it - if you saw it then record it!
    • Only record plants in gardens that have arrived there naturally and are growing 'wild'
    • Plants outside a garden boundary that have 'escaped' or naturalised can be recorded
    • Ignore wildflower strips and other seeded meadows - apart from 'weeds' that have colonised naturally
    • You can record street and parkland trees but add a note with the record if you think it has been planted

    BSBI guidance on what and where to record