County Recorders

VC55 Leicestershire and Rutland County Recorders

Watsonian Vice-county 55 (VC55) is the name of the accepted area for recording wildlife in Leicestershire and Rutland. It roughly follows the current political boundaries of the two counties but isn't exactly the same as over the years these have been modified. Having a standard area where the boundaries never change allows current wildlife records to be compared with those from many years ago.

The coordination and overseeing of the records for each wildlife group is the responsibility of a County Recorder or County Co-ordinator. These are volunteers with expert knowledge of that group. All NatureSpot records are shared with the County Recorders/Coordinators and they check the accuracy of the data before adding it to database of all records. Most are happy to help with ID queries.

Information supplied by Leicestershire & Rutland Environmental Records Centre (LRERC)

Taxon Group Name Status Email
Algae Geoffrey Hall Co-ordinator
Amphibians Ben Devine Recorder
Badgers Pam Mynott Recorder
Bats Nathalie Cossa Recorder
Birds Carl Baggott Recorder
Bugs - Hemiptera Alan Cann, Kate Nightingale & Sue Timms Joint Co-ordinators / /
Centipedes Helen Ikin Co-ordinator
Coleoptera Graham Finch Co-ordinator
Crayfish Jools Partridge Recorder
Diptera: Craneflies and allies John Kramer Recorder
Diptera: Hoverflies, Soldierflies, Dolichopodidae
(Long-legged flies), Conopidae
Ray Morris Recorder
Diptera: Stilt and Stalk flies Darwyn Sumner Recorder
Dragonflies & Damselflies - Odonata Ian Merrill Recorder
Fishes   Recorder  
Flowering plants and ferns Geoffrey Hall/Russell Parry/Steve Woodward Joint Recorders / /
Fungi   Recorder  
Plant Galls   Co-ordinator
Grasshoppers & Crickets - Orthoptera Helen Ikin (Leics) and Phil Rudkin (Rutland) Joint Recorders /
Harvestmen Ray Morris Co-ordinator
Hymenoptera: Bees, Wasps, Ants
(excl Parasitica - Ichneumon, etc)
Helen Ikin Co-ordinator
Hymenoptera: Sawflies David Nicholls Co-ordinator
Isopoda Helen Ikin Co-ordinator
Lepidoptera: Butterflies Richard Jeffery Recorder
Lepidoptera: Moths Mark Skevington Recorder
Lichens Anthony Fletcher Recorder
Mammals (excl. bats and badgers) Helen O'Brien Recorder
Mayflies - Ephemeroptera Steve Woodward Co-ordinator
Mecoptera (Scorpionflies) Steve Woodward Co-ordinator
Megaloptera (Alderflies) Steve Woodward Co-ordinator
Millipedes Helen Ikin Co-ordinator
Mites and ticks Ivan Pedley Co-ordinator
Mollusca David Nicholls Co-ordinator
Mosses and Liverworts - Bryophytes Uta Hamzaoui Recorder
Neuroptera (Lacewings) Steve Woodward Co-ordinator
Pseudoscorpions   Co-ordinator  
Psocoptera (Barklice and Booklice) Helen Ikin Co-ordinator
Raphidoptera (Snakeflies) Steve Woodward Co-ordinator
Reptiles Ben Devine Recorder
Spiders Paul Palmer Co-ordinator
Springtails - Collembola Alan Cann Co-ordinator
Stoneflies - Plecoptera Steve Woodward Co-ordinator
Thrips - Thysanoptera Ivan Pedley Co-ordinator
Trichoptera (Caddisflies) Ray Morris Co-ordinator