Editing your records

You can edit your own records after submission, even when they have already been verified. (If you edit a record that has already been verified it will be returned to the verification queue for rechecking.)

If you need to correct a mistake, add a photo or even delete an error then just go to the MY DASHBOARD page and select the MY RECORDS tab. You can use the header boxes to search for any of your the records - for example type in the date and hit the enter button on your keyboard. The edit link is the pencil icon in the far right column.


Note that the edit page initially displays just the entry for the one species. If you need to change the details for every species on the form (such as date, grid ref, location name) then there is a further link on the form (beneath the map) where you can display all the records you submitted at the same time.


Changing the species

If you need to change the species, though the original entry can't be amended on the edit page, this can be done in two ways:

  1. On the edit page, use the link mentioned above to display the full list of records on the form. Use the red cross (next to the species name) to delete the incorrect entry, then simply add another record with the correct species name on the blank row at the bottom. Remember to add any images then press the submit button.
  2. If you received a direct email from the verifier (not the notification listing all your records) you can reply asking the verifier to change it for you. Alternatively you can email info@naturespot.org.uk and ask for the it to be changed (make sure you state the record ID number).