Exton Churchyard

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    Situated north of Rutland Water, Exton can be accessed from the A1 to the east, as well as being approximately two miles from Oakham.

    By car, exit the A1 towards Exton which is roughly 5 miles to the east. Exton can also be accessed from a number of small roads in all directions. The church is in the grounds of Exton Park, and is signposted from the main road (Oakham Road) throughout the village. There is limited parking beside the church but road-side parking may be possible in the village itself.

    There are three bus services that pass through the village - 4R (Callconnect), 184 (Mark Bland Travel) and RF2 (Centrebus). More information can be found at:


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    Exton church is located on the west of the small village of Exton, which is north of Rutland Water and close to both Oakham and Stamford. The quaint church sits at the end of a quiet drive and lies in the beautiful grounds of Exton Park. The churchyard is an entirely open, grassy space. The church dates to the 13th century, and has an impressive array of monuments and sculptures from the 16th to the 18th century for those interested. Notably, in 1843 a lightning strike toppled the spire, but it has been rebuilt in the original stone.



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