Goss Meadows (west), Leicester

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    Goss Meadows LNR is a long narrow strip of grassland that is separated out into a number of meadows demarcated with fencing.  It was an old drovers road into the city and now forms part of the more extensive green wedge on the north-western outskirts of Leicester and stretches from the bottom of Anstey Lane to the major roundabouts at Beaumont Leys. This smaller stretch is on Anstey Lane jest to the west of the outer ring road.

    The site was previously managed by Groundwork Leicester and Leicestershire and The Conservation Volunteers.  It is currently managed by the City Leicester Environmental Volunteers and Parks maintenance teams.

    The site is also a Local Wildlife Site due to its botanical diversity and mosaic of habitats.

    Wildlife Highlights

    The site is mainly made up of species-rich neutral meadow grassland which contains small areas of uncommon wild flowers such as Spiny Restharrow and Bee Orchid.  The west boundary of the site has mature trees and an old hedgerow which provide important nesting and foraging habitat.  The grassland beneath the trees is heavily shaded and tends to be more lush and dominated by Cow Parsley, Hogweed and willow herb.

    The meadow areas attract a range of insects but these are currently under-recorded.


    Nature reserve (Leicester City Council)

    Local Wildlife Site

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