New species

NatureSpot only lists species that have been recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland. However 'new' species are being found nearly every week, sometimes because they have expanded their range into our area but it may also be because no-one has found it before or been able to identify it.

If you think think you have found a species new to NatureSpot then you can still submit the record - just select '+ new species' from the drop-down menu (type + and it should appear) on the records form. In most cases we only set up 'new' species when the identification has been confirmed by an expert so if you can get confirmation then this would be a big help. However do ask if you don't know who to turn to:

Recorders who use the app may find that an occasional record appears on our Latest Image page without a link to the relevant species page. This is because the app offers a full UK species list and not just the list of Leicestershire and Rutland species. When this happens we are notified and will then look into adding that species to our list.