Acleris laterana/comariana agg.


Acleris laterana and Acleris comariana can be very similar in appearance and records should be added as an aggregate unless identification by genitalia dissection has been undertaken. Acleris comariana is usually smaller and seems to be far less common in our area than Acleris laterana.

Identification difficulty
When to see it

Said to be August to September for Acleris laterana, and June/July and October/November for Acleris comariana. However, these do overlap, hence the need for genitalia dissection. 

UK Status

Widespread in Britain. Acleris laterana is fairly common whilst Acleris comariana is much more local.

VC55 Status

Acleris comariana seems to be quite rare in our area – certainly  far less common than Acleris laterana.

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