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    Identifying mosses & liverworts

    Learn to identify mosses and liverworts with confidence.

    Saturday, 2nd December, 10am—4.30pm: indoor laboratory session, held in the coach house at the Botanic Garden, Oadby.
    Sunday, 3rd December, 10.00am—4.00pm: field excursion to Charnwood.
    Fees: £50 Book online at
    For further information: Telephone: 0116 271 2933 Email: Website:

    Mosses and liverworts are an ancient and diverse group of land plants, originating some 400 million or more years ago. They are often overlooked because they are small, but they are found almost everywhere, including in your lawn and on garden walls, and are an important part of many habitats in the countryside. Once you know a bit about them, you will want to know more. They are just waiting to be noticed and appreciated. This course is intended to introduce you to the ways in which they may be identified. Learn how to identify bryophytes in the field using a hand-lens and the recently published field guide and make identifications with confidence.