Wildlife Photography - Getting Closer

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    Knighton Parish Centre, Church Lane, Knighton, Leicester LE2 3WG

    Alan says, "Like many photographers I started off with a compact camera I could put in my pocket. Like a phone camera, this is good for general use but not so good for wildlife - anything very close or far away looks like a tiny dot. As I spent more time taking photographs I eventually bought a bridge camera with a fixed lens which had a 30X zoom. This was OK for things further away, but sometimes limiting for very small objects close up. When I bought an interchangeable lens camera I bought an extremely expensive, very heavy telephoto lens to supplement the standard lens supplied. But I also bought a macro lens so I could photograph small objects. Then I sold my expensive drainpipe lens because it gave me back ache … and bought another macro lens... then I bought a microscope...

    This talk will try to answer three questions:

    • What camera should I buy?

    • How do I take good identification pictures?

    • How do I photograph tiny things?"

    All welcome.  Members £1.00, Non-members £3.00.