November Moth agg. - Epirrita dilutata agg.


Three of the members of the genus Epirrita, (November Moth, E. dilutata, Autumnal Moth, E. autumnata, and Pale November Moth, E. chrystyi), can be very difficult to separate on markings alone, especially as some show marked melanism. Where detailed examination has not taken place records should be added as Epirrita dilutata agg.

Identification difficulty

Occurs in a wide range of habitats.

When to see it

Late September to November

UK Status

Widespread and fairly frequent in Britain as an aggregate with November Moth (Epirrita dilutata) being the most common of the three species.

VC55 Status

Fairly frequent as an aggregate in Leicestershire and Rutland, although exact status of the three individual species is difficult to determine due to the difficulty of identification to species level. It would however seem that November Moth (Epirrita dilutata) is by far the most common of the three in our area.

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