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    The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust is conducting a fascinating experiment at Charley and we need your help to monitor it. More...

    In contrast to its big brother next door - Charnwood Lodge - the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust reserve at Charley gets relatively little attention. The site consists of three blocks, Burrow and Cat Hill Woods, separated by an open field which the Wildlife Trust is allowing to regenerate naturally. By adopting a policy of not planting and no disturbance, the Trust wants to give wildlife a chance to develop in its own pace and to observe what is establishing itself on the site. 

    How can you help?
    The regeneration project has been going on since the 1990s - some natural woodland regeneration has taken place but it is a slow process. The field used to be improved cattle pasture, which is also affecting how it develops. It is currently dominated by rough grass with scattered herbs, some scrub and small trees. We receive relatively few records from Charley, and of these, few are from the field area - most people concentrate on the woodland. The Trust is particularly interested to find out what lives in the field and what this approach of non-intervention management can offer wildlife. So NatureSpot is asking recorders to make a special effort to visit and monitor this ongoing project - your chance to contribute to this interesting experiment. When you submit your records, please choose the grid reference carefully to make clear which are of the nature reserve they come from, and please visit Charley field. 




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    might be an idea to change the description for charley woods as that only mentions the woods and places heavy emphasis on the dead wood habitats.