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    Lime Hawk-moth

    What happens when you turn six wildlife recorders loose in Leicestershire? More...

    Most team-building exercises involve sitting in airless rooms trying to build bridges out of drinking straws across imaginary alligator-infested gorges, or paint-balling contests in Solihul. You may have been unfortunate enough to go on one of these “experiences”. For our annual team-building exercise the NatureSpot Trustees decided to go on manoeuvres at Owston Wood as part of our Mind The Gap campaign. This is a private site which we were able to visit after securing permission from the Forestry Commission, although anyone can visit parts of the site as the Leicestershire Round public footpath runs right through the middle. So what happens when you turn six of the best wildlife brains in Leicestershire (?) loose on a chunk of ancient woodland? We managed to compile an impressive 230 species list covering just about all taxa, including several new species not previously recorded in Leicestershire and Rutland:
    Bees, Wasps, Ants: 8 species
    Beetles: 20 species
    Birds: 16 species
    Bugs: 3 species
    Butterflies: 4 species
    Centipedes & Millipedes: 1 species
    Craneflies: 1 species
    Dragonflies and Damselflies: 3 species
    Ferns & Horsetails: 4 species
    Flies, Gnats and Midges: 17 species
    Grasses, Rushes & Sedges: 27 species
    Grasshoppers & Crickets: 2 species
    Hoverflies: 17 species
    Lacewings & Scorpionflies: 1 species
    Mammals: 2 species
    Moths: 9 species
    Sawflies: 2 species
    Slugs & Snails: 3 species
    Spiders, Harvestmen, Mites & Ticks: 7 species
    Springtails & Bristletails: 4 species
    Trees, Shrubs & Climbers: 21 species
    Wildflowers: 59 species
    Modal sandwich frequency:  Cheese & Pickle (Cheddar branstonii)