Clanfelde Hills

    Getting There

    The site straddles the border between Kirby & Glenfield but is completely cut off from Kirby by the major roads. There is a exit at the northern end giving access over the motorway to Kirby and to a path into Brookside Meadow. The site can also be entered on the path at the southern end of this long strip and by a right of way over Ratby Lane which gives access to the Optimus Nature Area and Fishley Belt.

    Managed By
    A management company appointed by Wilson Bowden as part of the development. This is not amenity land but can be enjoyed from the path.
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 3


    This is a large block of land between Ratby Lane and the M1 which has been re-landscaped as part of the Wilson Bowden development project. A right of way follows an attractive line through this area. It is a long lozenge of land on which surplus soils have been piled to make substantial hills. They are split  by Kirby Brook and the area is being landscaped and planted up.The path will eventually link the footpaths round the old golf course to the Ivanhoe Way and Brookside Meadow and the wider countryside beyond including the National Forest. The area is now called Clanfelde Hills to commemorate the old name of the village they now look down on.

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    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Common RagwortJacobaea vulgaris13/07/2018Roy Denney
    Danish ScurvygrassCochlearia danica21/04/2017G D McPhail
    ChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybita21/04/2017G D McPhail