Glenfield Sports Ground

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    • Selected Wild Place = PINK
    • Other Wild Places = RED
    • Public Rights of Way = GREEN
    • VC55 boundary = BLUE
    Managed By
    Glenfield Parish Council
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 25


    Formal pitches but surrounded by mature woodland with a parkland area and small stream. Just off the Rothley Brook corridor and open country it sees surprising numbers of birds.

    Wildlife Highlights

    Jays nesting 2018, bats and green woodpeckers have been seen

    Latest News

    Bat, swift and house martin homes have been fitted with boxes for tawny owls in adjacent woodland.

    Latest records
    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Tawny OwlStrix aluco06/02/2020Roy Denney
    BuzzardButeo buteo20/08/2019Roy Denney
    Salix x fragilis30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Willow Redgall SawflyPontania proxima30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Liocoris tripustulatus30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Dock BugCoreus marginatus30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Acalitus brevitarsus30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Amphibious BistortPersicaria amphibia30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Speckled WoodPararge aegeria30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Guelder RoseViburnum opulus30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Orange LadybirdHalyzia sedecimguttata30/07/2018David Nicholls
    Green WoodpeckerPicus viridis13/07/2018Roy Denney
    Evergreen OakQuercus ilex13/07/2018Roy Denney
    Common NettleUrtica dioica13/07/2018Roy Denney
    Bramble agg.Rubus fruticosus agg.13/07/2018Roy Denney

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Dragonflies and DamselfliesBanded DemoiselleCalopteryx splendens21/06/2017
    BirdsJayGarrulus glandarius16/05/2018
    Dragonflies and DamselfliesLarge Red DamselflyPyrrhosoma nymphula24/05/2018
    FliesNoon FlyMesembrina meridiana24/05/2018
    FliesRhagio scolopaceus24/05/2018
    HoverfliesRhingia campestris24/05/2018
    WildflowersWood AvensGeum urbanum24/05/2018
    WildflowersGround-ivyGlechoma hederacea24/05/2018
    BirdsCanada GooseBranta canadensis01/06/2018
    BirdsKestrelFalco tinnunculus08/07/2018
    BirdsGreen WoodpeckerPicus viridis13/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersEvergreen OakQuercus ilex13/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersBramble agg.Rubus fruticosus agg.13/07/2018
    WildflowersCommon NettleUrtica dioica13/07/2018
    BeetlesOrange LadybirdHalyzia sedecimguttata30/07/2018
    BugsDock BugCoreus marginatus30/07/2018
    BugsLiocoris tripustulatus30/07/2018
    ButterfliesSpeckled WoodPararge aegeria30/07/2018
    Mites, Ticks & PseudoscorpionsAcalitus brevitarsus30/07/2018
    SawfliesWillow Redgall SawflyPontania proxima30/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersSalix x fragilis30/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersGuelder RoseViburnum opulus30/07/2018
    WildflowersAmphibious BistortPersicaria amphibia30/07/2018
    BirdsBuzzardButeo buteo20/08/2019
    BirdsTawny OwlStrix aluco06/02/2020