Flood Relief Basin (A50), Glenfield

    Getting There

    Parking is available on Groby Road next to Millenium Green. A pedestrian crossing across the A50 leads almost directly to the site.

    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 118


    This drainage feature provides damp grassland habitat for most of the year, with standing water at times after rain. The basin supports wetland plants such as Reedmace and Great Willowherb with drier grassland around the edges. It is accessible directly from the A50 and is adjacent to the Glenfield Wildflower Meadow.

    Latest records

    Common Name Latin Name Date Recorded Recorded By
    Golden-bloomed Grey LonghornAgapanthia villosoviridescens31/05/2019David Nicholls
    Rhinocyllus conicus31/05/2019David Nicholls
    Timothy TortrixAphelia paleana31/05/2019David Nicholls
    Psylla alni31/05/2019David Nicholls
    KestrelFalco tinnunculus19/03/2019David Nicholls
    Bishop's Mitre ShieldbugAelia acuminata13/09/2018sue
    Green Leaf-hopperCicadella viridis13/09/2018sue
    Common FroghopperPhilaenus spumarius13/09/2018sue
    Liocoris tripustulatus13/09/2018sue
    Long Winged Cone-headConocephalus fuscus13/09/2018sue
    Nettle-tapAnthophila fabriciana13/09/2018sue
    Notostira elongata13/09/2018sue
    Green ShieldbugPalomena prasina13/09/2018sue
    Pear Slug SawflyCaliroa cerasi13/09/2018sue
    Phyllocoptes goniothorax13/09/2018sue