Pond Spinney, Glenfield

    Getting There

    A right of way runs through the north end of this woodland block - Nearest access point are Blackthorn Road and Somerset Drive.

    Managed By
    Unmanaged, owned by Leicester City Council
    Wild places

    Total species seen at this site: 20


    This block of mature woodland straddles the border with the City. It is protected by a TPO and hides a pond giving a wetland habitat.

    Group Common name Latin name Last seen
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersSycamoreAcer pseudoplatanus12/07/2018
    Grasses, Rushes & SedgesFalse Oat-grassArrhenatherum elatius24/07/2018
    BirdsCarrion CrowCorvus corone30/03/2019
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersHawthornCrataegus monogyna12/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersBeechFagus sylvatica20/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersAshFraxinus excelsior23/07/2018
    WildflowersCommon Bird's-foot-trefoilLotus corniculatus19/07/2018
    ButterfliesSpeckled WoodPararge aegeria07/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersWild CherryPrunus avium12/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersBlackthornPrunus spinosa20/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersCaucasian WingnutPterocarya fraxinifolia24/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersPedunculate OakQuercus robur12/07/2018
    AmphibiansCommon FrogRana temporaria25/03/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersBramble agg.Rubus fruticosus agg.12/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersElderSambucus nigra20/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersRowanSorbus aucuparia20/07/2018
    Trees, Shrubs & ClimbersCommon LimeTilia platyphyllos x cordata = T. x europaea23/07/2018
    AmphibiansGreat Crested NewtTriturus cristatus29/08/2019
    BirdsBlackbirdTurdus merula30/03/2019
    WildflowersCommon NettleUrtica dioica12/07/2018