Submitted by AJ Cann on Mon, 30/07/2018 - 08:40

    FSC Biolinks

    FSC BioLinks is a project from the Field Studies Council which brings together existing volunteers skilled in biological recording and identification with new volunteers. More...

    This project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop a national skillset in invertebrate recording - from bees to wasps via flies, earthworms, spiders and many other neglected groups. This type of hands-on interaction with experts - the lifetime of experience you can't get from books or the Internet - is increasingly hard to find as skils are whittled away by age and infirmity. The programme is structured with the expectation that participants will develop their skills as they attend training sessions and then are active in their own local areas - complete novice - beginner - intermediate - expert. The good news is that all the courses are heavily subsidised and costs only a few pounds, in addition to to any travel costs to the FSC centre which has the facilites to run high level courses, e.g. microscopes, etc. More information about the project and other FSC BioLinks training courses can be found on the FSC Biodiversity webpage:

    The 2019 programme will be announced in the coming months and to make sure you don't miss out you can sign up for the free email newsletter at: